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Dating when you have children

“Dating someone with kids is going to look different for everyone because not every parent has the same relationship with their kids,” says Dr. “One parent may see their kids every single day, while another person only sees them at holidays.One big question to ask early on is how big of a role that person plays in their kids’ lives.” Next, Dr.“You and your partner can design the relationship you have with the kids based on what you both want; there’s not a set rulebook you have to follow,” Dr. What is important, she notes, is communicating early on so that you create your own rulebook together. She reiterates that because parents play such varying roles in their kids’ lives—with some being more active and present than others, depending on the kids’ age and custody arrangements—there isn’t one specific type of lifestyle that has to become “your lifestyle” if you decide to move forward with the relationship, but it is something to be aware of. Is there another parent in the picture, and what is the dynamic like? O’Reilly says it’s worth it to think about navigating that relationship as well.“Be mindful and know that if two parents are in the picture, that other person has been there from the beginning and you have not,” she says.

Communication is going to be key to a relationship with someone who has children. More importantly, you be this woman’s top priority. If this is something that you can’t handle, you need to steer clear of dating a woman with children.Even with just two people involved, dating can be challenging.Adding a child and potentially a co-parent to the equation means there are even more factors to be aware of.She is going to be bonded for life with this person because of her children, which means you will also have to deal with whatever curveballs that guy throws, without ever having the luxury of him being completely out of the picture.If you’re still at a stage in your life where you enjoy getting wild and loose, know that you’re not going to be able to partake in that type of debauchery when dating a woman with kids.

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