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If your date mentioned something about their work or personal life on the first date, bring it up and ask about it. But don’t ask too many personal questions or talk about your life’s intimate details just yet.It reveals an interest in your date, and brings both of you closer. You’ve only spent a few hours with each other and you need to learn to take things slow and easy. You avoided this conversation in the first date, but a second date should be no different either.And when both your hands start touching on the armrest, or when skin grazes each other’s now and then, it’s definitely going to make sparks fly too![Read: Movie date tips for a successful date] #5 Buy a gift.And let’s not forget the most important thing, it shows that you listen and take interest in your date’s daily life. Even if you bump into an ex in the middle of a date, try not to go into conversations that revolve around your past life while you’re in the middle of a good date.There’s a time for that talk, but a second date isn’t that time.[Read: 5 perfect questions to ask on a date and test your compatibility] Here are 12 second date tips to help you make a great impression and build the connection at the same time. If you had dinner on a first date, grab lunch and watch a movie on the second date, or go to a game and follow it with dinner.Try something different and make sure your date would have a good time with you.

Use these second date tips to create a closer connection and build the chemistry between the both of you.A two part date would be a perfect way to take the next step after a first date.It lasts longer and feels different from the first date.But now that both of you know each other, walk into your date together.Either get picked up by your new sweetie or meet up somewhere instead of meeting directly at the venue.

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