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Patrick Carnes called an arousal template, where one sex addict may be into cross-dressing, one may be attracted to a certain body type and so on.

“This arousal template is a very interesting concept to consider how people’s early sexual experiences or associations they make sometimes become compulsive or addictive and that they want to reproduce a very specific type of partner, interaction or situation to create the high,” she said.

“A lot of times we hear from enraged spouses who are justifiably upset about what happened in their relationships, and they sometimes want to grab at this label of sex addict as a justification for why their spouse should get treatment,” she said.

“I don’t condone cheating, but we always challenge a client to realize cheating doesn’t make them a sex addict.” The criteria Katehakis uses to determine if someone is a sex addict is to pay close attention to see if the person is compulsively engaging in behaviors they’re conflicted about.

While men might be addicted to the physical act of sex or masturbation, women are often addicted to a combination of sex, love and romance.

Denton continued to say sex addiction is more of an escape from intimacy.

“But having said that, a lot of people who are sexually addictive have had early sexual experiences that probably weren’t very positive,” she said.

Whether discussing early or current sexual experiences, Katehakis said people compulsively engage in a variety of behaviors they find appealing but others do not, which is examined further in a concept created by Dr.

Sex addiction, according to Kort, is more about pain, trauma and loss of control, among other things, and is not something to be taken lightly.From movies like “Shame” and reality TV shows like “Bad Sex,” to the Tiger Woods cheating scandal, sex addiction has been a hot topic for decades, but do we really know what sex addiction is?To answer this question and separate fact from fiction, we’ve gathered Dr.I’m know blowing my kids’ college money on prostitutes or negative consequences. Angela Skurtu, a nationally certified sex therapist and contributor to Good, describes sex addiction as a “pop psychology term,” one that is not yet defined in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.I’ve sworn many times to quit, and I keep getting pulled back into doing it. “The issue is up for debate as to whether it is considered an addiction or a hypersexual behavior.

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