Dating several women at once datings asia and carribean

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One of the guys jokingly said on our first date "Haha I don't know how some people date like 4 different people all at one time, that would be tiring!

" I just kind of laughed that off but didn't reveal that I'm kind of doing that...

Him and I were both car people and had started hanging out so he decided to drop by my house and break it to me.

We had been seeing each other for about two months.

They're spending quite a bit of money, so I'd like to know at what point do you assume the woman is only interested in you? I've never dated like this before - in the past I met one person, went on a few dates with them, became their girlfriend, and that was;dr: Is it disingenuous for me (25F) to be dating multiple men (M25-34) at the same time?

They don't know about each other as we've only been on two dates.

I haven't had sex with any of them and don't plan on it until I'm in a monogamous relationship (I'm not a virgin, I just don't have sex without monogamy). Do I to tell them that I'm seeing other people?

it went awesome) or we'd spent a of time together on that first date.

And even then it doesn't mean I know enough to think I might want to seriously or exclusively date them.

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I'm a 25F looking for a monogamous relationship.

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