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I'm working towards loving God and knowing Him more and more every day but I think I'm finally at a point of stability in my life where I can seriously pursue my vocation, which I believe is to marriage, and that brings me to my current situation, that I hope you can offer some insight on. He is the newest addition to [my workplace], a former seminarian who [very recently] left the seminary (Auntie, I know...) after discerning that he believes he is called to marriage. Of course, my feminine heart fluttered the first time I saw him, but I thought I would be wiser this time and entrust everything to the Lord. He didn't even hold my hand until a month of hanging out had gone by, then put his arm around me, and then finally he kissed me.Soon after he asked me if I would be his girlfriend and since [then], that's what I've considered myself.Hi to make a long story short, I am dating a wonderful man who almost a year ago was told by his spiritual leaders in the seminary program he was part of that they were letting him go.

You learn the truth of our faith and learn how to put it into practice as well.There are so many wonderful things that I love about him and I really think that I'm in love.A few days ago, we were talking about our relationship.I’ve met several other former seminarians who are now husbands and fathers.The religious ed director at our former parish also was in the seminary.

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He asked me if I'm free to discern marriage, and I told him yes, I'm not considering religious life, and I don't have anyone else holding me back.