Dating party animal

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Dating party animal

Regardless of the activity, agree upon at least one or two nights a week to spend together outside of the party scene.

If you do not feel happy dating a party boy, consider ending the relationship.

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His love of partying means he will spend weekends attending parties, big or small. Don't spend those nights alone worrying about what your boyfriend is doing.In her article, "Four Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive," published on the Psychology Today website, psychologist Amie Gordon suggests choosing an activity that keeps both of you laughing, like watching a comedy.Laughter can bring you closer, which is important when your time together may be brief.Dating a boy who is the life of the party may improve your social life but may also lead to issues between the two of you.You love meeting new people at parties as he entertains guests with his silly antics.

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The best part is that, as i stated above, the lineup is never that bad, and if there is one, you don't wait long.