Dating old family photographs

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Dating old family photographs

No names were printed on the back, no familiar faces looked back at her so she did what she felt was her only reasonable option, she threw them away.

Now, after I picked myself off the floor, I tried to explain to her that there were ways to identify photos and perhaps in the future opportunities would arise that would help her figure out these long lost family members.

Edin Photo, is a web site that includes a very detailed description of all types of photography processes.

Costume In articles about dating photographs one of the ways to identify them, which is emphasized time and time again, is by looking at your ancestor's costume (or clothing).

A woman I knew who was also involved in the same scrapbook company told me about a collection of old photos she had inherited from her parents who had long since passed away.

My friend explained to me that no matter how hard she tried, she could not figure out who the people were in these photographs.

Yes, it's difficult when there is not a name on the back of the photo, but it is not impossible.The following are some steps to consider in identifying your old photos.A few years back, I was involved in selling scrapbook supplies.The web site Fraternalism in America at information on fraternal order jewelry.One photo of my great-great grandfather was finally identified by enlarging it to see the detail of the lapel pins he was wearing.

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