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If you are feeling adventurous, why not go rafting as a way of boosting your adrenaline?It’s not a ship, alright, but you’ve got to start somewhere.Here is everything you need to know before you visit! Nikolaev is known as There is another Mykolaiv in Ukraine, it’s a small town in the Lviv area.To distinguish the two, Mykolaiv is sometimes called “Mykolaiv on Bug” after the large river that runs close to it.Nikolaev has a very decent network of buses and trams. Though they may not be as cool today, trams are still the nicest and cheapest way to get around.Most are new and comfortable and they arrive in 5-6 minute intervals.Buses are also an option, of course, but they tend to get crowded and some are definitely older than the current Ukrainian state.

Nikolaev might not have a lot of hotel and rental options but there are still some nice ones: Apartment rentals are your best bet if you want actual luxury. more about Yasya from Kiev I think one real meeting will be better than 1000 of letters. They are care, kindness, tenderness, understanding... I'm a very attentive listener and I'm not too talkative))) I'm serious... The most romantic place in the world—my vibrant Rome, Italy—forces me to assess what I reall... Sometimes I even pity about it But despite of it – I will always try to help and will always listen to a person, if he needs my help. more about Victoria from Kiev My main treaures are some which you can't buy anywhere...The Mykolaiv Airport is mainly used for air freight with a few flights from Odessa arriving here (but they will not be exactly affordable).Other than that, passenger flights to the South of Ukraine go through Odessa.

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