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The Sheep Gate proclaims grace of redemption (grace of God), which a man can encounter through the blood of the Lamb (the Lord Jesus).

The Sheep Gate has been clear exemplary in the redemption of the Lord Jesus, who is the Door of the sheep. Fishermen brought through the Fish Gate fishes for selling to Jerusalem.

The Sheep Gate proclaims forgiveness of sins through the blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ).

All things in the Bible are accurate in their places and have important meanings.

It is not an accident that the high priest whose name was Eliashib was building up the Sheep Gate.

As the purpose of digging was to find water, and it spiritually means, that we dig deeper spiritual things than the surface of the ground and we shall find holy and beautiful spiritual gifts of God.

As Jesus' disciples, we must also dig deeper; in other words, we must grow and renew our mind daily according to the will of God.

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Death of the flesh is God's gracious work and by this work Jesus's disciples have ability to walk and live according to the will of God.