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rather than just ripping out a “Tinder “Shahzad has clearly made something that people want.

He is a resourceful founder who has been listening to his users and in the process has developed an invaluable service for the Muslim community, in a way that mainstream companies have failed to do,” says YC partner Tim Brady in a supporting statement.

“We know there’s going to be attention in this area,” he says.

“Our goal is to basically continue to be the dominant player but for us to race ahead in terms of the quality of our product offering and obviously our size. Having this investment definitely gives us that ammo to really go for it.

“We’re localized and we get a lot of organic users everywhere but obviously once you focus on a particular area — in terms of content, in terms of your brand etc.

Brodie got excited by the idea and early traction for the MVP.

The pair went on to ship a relaunch of the app in mid 2016, which helped snag them a place at YC. All the remaining founder can say publicly is that its investors are buying Brodie’s stake.

But it has resisted imposing a one-size-fits-all template on the user experience — exactly in order that it can appeal more broadly, regardless of the user’s level of religious adherence (it has even attracted non-Muslim users with a genuine interest in meeting a life partner).

Younas says he’s not worried about fresh faces entering the same matchmaking app space — couching it as a validation of the market.

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But the plan with the Series A cash is to accelerate growth by focusing attention internationally on Muslim-majority markets versus an early focus on markets, including the U. There’s slightly less of a taboo around finding someone online.

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