Dating islamic religion

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Dating islamic religion

Growing up in a small Southern town, this is honestly the first person in my life that I've ever spent extended time around who was Muslim.

He's fine with my non-religion, and I'm fine with his. Things are getting serious, and I'm wondering if the religion barrier will ever be an issue- not necessarily between us, but between other members of his family (of which there are so many! I don't know, just issues I wouldn't expect since I haven't been in this situation before.

In Islamic marriage, a couple makes obeying Allah the focus of their relationship: The couple must remember that they are brothers and sisters in Islam, and all of the rights and duties of Islam also apply to their marriage.

After all the prayers, planning and festivities, sometimes the life of a married couple doesn't turn out the way it should.

Islam is a practical faith and offers avenues for those who find difficulty in their marriage.

In an Islamic marriage, the relationship is characterized by safety, comfort, love, and mutual rights and responsibilities.Perhaps the child is averse to marriage altogether.In Islamic marriage, Muslim parents are not allowed to force their children into marrying someone against their will.Islam is a strong advocate of marriage, and the act of marriage is considered a religious duty through which the social unit—the family—is established.Islamic marriage is the only permissible way for men and women to engage in intimacy.

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And, from what I can gather, you have mutual respect between you, so you should definitely talk over expectations if you're considering marriage. He's actually the one who has suggested moving in together (too fast for me, though) and eventually getting married...

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