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Foodies generally agree that Cozido à Portuguesa originated in the northern province of Beira.The more traditional versions feature morcela or chourico, two kinds of smoked sausage and beef shin.These meats are dressed with garlic, onion, and potatoes into a flavorful stew.Cocidos are especially popular in the north of Spain where the liquid is served in a first soup course, followed by the stewed meats and vegetables served with pasta.British chipolatas usually add rice to the meat, which cuts down a little on fat content, but does add more carbohydrates.Often, the British refer to any types of small pork sausages as by this name.Traditional cozido contains pork, beef, or chicken, and root vegetables in addition to whatever greens are on hand.Many cooks add potatoes or rice to create a complete meal in a bowl.

Spaniards offer cocidos brimming with garbanzo beans, such as Cocido Madrileno, which marries salt pork, pig trotters, or smoked ham with chicken and sausages.

My question is: what causes this discolouration and, have I needlessly thrown three very tasty looking sausages in the bin? The discoloring isn't a problem: it's just the meat reacting with oxygen in the air.

A week in the fridge (not freezer) is border line for me.

Coastal regions, both in Portugal and Spain, as well as in South American countries that feature their own similar stews, salt cod, mackerel, and other fresh fish can substitute for or complement the meats.

More elegant presentations feature lobster, shrimp, or crab.

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With this Latin stew, however, as with stews the world over, the sky is the limit; dried fruit, fresh fruit, and a world of seasonings might make a happy splash based upon the cook’s whim. They are enjoyed throughout Europe, with special popularity in the UK as a breakfast sausage.