Dating illegal alien women

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Dating illegal alien women

I was a Kentucky girl who'd recently relocated to Los Angeles.I vaguely knew that immigration was “an issue," but I didn't pretend to have a working knowledge of the ins and outs of the policies and politics behind it.We were on our third date when Billy told me—hinted, really—that he was an undocumented immigrant from Central America.I remember thinking, "Well, that's not ideal." Truth was, I had no idea what that admission really meant.But that charge was dropped in September after Terrazas’ testimony raised questions about her credibility, court documents show.Authorities have initiated deportation proceedings against Terrazas, who said her two children, U. citizens who attend Douglas public schools, might suffer if she left the country. Cruz said he saw Terrazas at Border Patrol functions and knew she was the girlfriend of another agent.

Despite the fact that locals now know she is in the U. illegally, Terrazas said, she still gets asked out by agents.

My basic philosophy was that vulnerable populations like migrants should be treated with dignity and respect and that everyone should work hard to honor and follow the laws of the land.

I thought to myself, "I hope if this relationship gets more serious, he goes and gets that fixed." But “getting it fixed” wasn’t really a possibility.

That push has highlighted an open secret along the border: romance between illegal immigrants and those responsible for deporting them.

Some locals say that such relationships are inevitable in a town where the nearest movie theater is 51 miles north and the nearest nightclubs lie just across the border in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

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But a customs supervisor saw them enter the post from the Douglas side of the border and determined that Vasquez-Banda had been in the U. “I know what I did was bad,” said Berry, who resigned from his job that day. Sanchez, who is awaiting sentencing, did not respond to a request for an interview and his lawyer declined to comment. Ray Borane, the mayor of Douglas, said agents had reason not to.