Dating game show set

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Periodically, the show featured theme days, such as Maternity Day, where all the wives were pregnant.

Have the host banter with the couples, egging both on when they argue by using their words against them, taking and switching sides as it suits him.

We only have room for a few contestants per show, but if you’re not selected this time, we’ll keep you in mind for future dates.

And, we definitely encourage you to attend the show as an audience member where you can meet other cuties!

If you're looking to find out new things about your spouse, here's how to play.Audience members will also get the chance to splash into the dating pool, where they can meet dates of their own and consensually slide into their DMs.With production company Weeble Mountain and Sex Educator Stella Harris setting the tone, this show will be body positive and consent focused.Please note compensation is in the form of non-cash prizes only.We are only looking for Portland Oregon locals at this time. Please visit our sign up page to create a profile for general consideration in all casting projects! We’re looking for gift certificates for dates, plus other fun & whimsical items that our contestants can go home with! If you’d like to purchase ad space, your business will be featured in the show with a custom dating profile.

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The network is bringing back its famed obstacle course series Double Dare!