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Boden sweater, at, Skirt, .90 at, Shoes, 8 at Cole Haan, 620 Fifth Ave., Headband, at, Pearls, at, Fossil watch, 5 at, Tights, .50 at Junk food has never been an issue for me.Usually I eat yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch and chicken for dinner, with lots of fruit in between. Cornell recommends never skipping breakfast and forgoing salad dressings and chicken, avocado and tuna fish on your salads (too oily). I felt full in the evening, though, and I really enjoyed my soft-boiled eggs. And the ground-beef patties were probably the bane of my existence. The book devotes a lot of space to the art of writing a letter.I would wake up every morning 10 minutes earlier than usual just to carry out the prescribed steps.First, I had to rinse my face under hot water, to open up the pores.Here, I share my experience: Normally I wash my hair every other day, but Betty recommends washing it at least once a week, so I gave myself a two-day break in between shampoos.She also says to brush your locks 100 times before bed and set your hair with rag curlers at least once a week.The model demonstrating it in the book is wearing an Audrey Hepburn-style black outfit with a neckerchief.

Too much chocolate and too little soap and water are the basic irritants.” Since I don’t eat too much junk food, I figured I’d have to concentrate on the washing.Cornell’s book details all the essentials a girl needs to know to be popular in the 1950s — from diet to clothing to being a proper hostess. Would a guide to becoming a popular teenager in mid-century America still be relevant to someone like myself — a 14-year-old high school freshman living on the Upper East Side in 2013? However, the first challenge was finding an actual copy of the book, which hasn’t been in print for decades.I finally tracked one down at the New York Public Library.Even though I felt very elegant, I did miss my jeans. I am a swimmer, so getting exercise is never an issue.I like to be fit and toned so that I feel healthy, but Betty suggests it’s more about looking like a model.

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The Oxfords were stiff and gave me blisters, so I had to ditch them in favor of ballet flats.

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