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As a Blacksmith I have bought old tools at auctions, and sometimes end up with more tools than I want.I have some old crosscut saws that I have been cleaning up to use around the yard to cut up unwanted Box Elder trees that are blocking the view of the water.Elias continued his lay work in the Baptist Church, which he had joined when he first arrived in Indianapolis in 1856.A friend of education, Atkins had helped fund Baptist Female Seminary, which was located on the northeast corner of Michigan and Pennsylvania Street.My perception of condition is conservative and hopefully you will be pleased with receiving an item that will be better than your expectations.Any item may be returned, in the same condition as it was received, within 7 days of receipt, for a refund. Some years after Atkins’ death, historian Jacob Piatt Dunn wrote that Atkins’ success was founded upon his “unlimited courage, ability, and determination.” I was not familiar with either E. Atkins or his saw factory when I started researching this article. Atkins story, I found that the real horror lay in the fact that downtown Indianapolis was once home to the largest saw factory in the world In 1903, E. Atkins & Company expanded its footprint in downtown Indianapolis when it acquired the Manufacturers’ Building and Power Company on South Illinois Street.I had seen some saw-shaped promotional items for Atkins’ company sell recently on ebay, and thought it would be fun to write about saws this week, given the starring role that saws have played in many recent Halloween horror flicks. Parry Cart Works had previously occupied the site, but was relocating to West Indianapolis.

Whether you believe the old superstition that bad things happen in threes or take the more optimistic view that the third time is a charm, just about everything in E. Atkins’ life – good or bad – seemed to happen in threes.He also made an earnest effort to establish a Baptist University in Indianapolis, donating forty acres of land lying between Meridian Street and Central Avenue north of 32nd Street.When plans for the university failed to materialize, Atkins donated the ,000 tract to help establish the Theological Seminary of the University of Chicago. Atkins died in 1901, just a few months before his 68th birthday.During its 100 years of operation, the Atkins saw factory grew from a one-room shed to a global business employing more than 1,200 workers at its flagship plant in downtown Indianapolis. Atkins & Company made saws for every conceivable purpose, from four-inch jeweler’s saws to 75 foot log saws. Atkins & Company covered the entire city block bounded by Capitol Avenue, Illinois, Henry and South streets, along with additonal buildings on adjacent streets.With its trademark “Atkins Always Ahead” slogan, the company was on the cutting edge of the saw industry. Regardless of whether the material was wood, metal, bone, glass, fiber, stone or slate, an Atkins Silver Steel saw could make the cut. The company had its own gas plant in Indianapolis, as well as branch offices in 10 different U. cities and sales agents in Europe, Australia and Japan.

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Shortly after Atkins returned to Indianapolis, he and his family moved to a massive mansion on the northwest corner of 13th and Meridian.

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