Dating commercial im getting stupid lewis

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Dating commercial im getting stupid lewis

Despite all these heroic weapons against ad pollution, live-programming is a gauntlet.

The three-hour morning shows where the ads, teasers and bumpers consume as much as 35 minutes an hour give me acid reflux.

At first he declines but after constant nagging accepts, with an expected outcome.

The word “discretion” is code for an industry policing itself (har, har, har).

Lobbyism works At first, the only commercial firewall available to a viewer was the remote control, introduced by Zenith Radio Corp. Commercials could be muted and channels changed without getting up and schlepping over to the TV itself.

According to journalist Rick Heldenfels, during the deregulation frenzy of the business-biased Reagan era, the FCC abandoned all commercial limits in prime time.

Except for children’s television, this left the amount of commercial time per hour up to the discretion of the networks.

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For shorter time slots, like Comedy Central’s thirty-minute The Daily Show, the numbers hover around 22 minutes of program, meaning 23% of show is not show.

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