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Increased levels of returns, which peaked in 2002, continued to slow significantly, leaving the majority of Serbian Orthodox adherents living in the RS and the majority of Muslims and Catholics in the Federation.

Within the Federation, distinct Muslim and Catholic majority areas remain.

And no, they don’t want this because they are weak. Here’s why: I just mentioned that they are conservative. She’s the one who takes care of the house, who cooks, and who washes the dishes..your stinky clothes.

A glamorous white dress, flower bouquets, hundreds of guests and a crying grandmother who is so proud that her artificial pacemaker jumps up and down…That’s the moment she dreamed of since she was a child. Hundreds, if not thousands of Bosnian girls are looking for marriage with a foreign man. And there are many reasons why these ladies are the perfect brides for Muslim men. Just don’t try to meet your future bride in one of the clubs and bars in Sarajevo.

Even though Bosnia is by far not the richest country in the world, their weddings are pompous.

I don’t know why, but the whole freaking country is smoking 24/7. No poverty, no unemployment, no abusive relationships with alcoholic men who are depressed because they can’t find a job…that’s a good start. It just sucks if you want to get their phone numbers. Here it is: Do not, under no circumstances, talk about the war. Just imagine how a war in your country would change your way of thinking.

The good news is that there are a lot of things you’ll love about them: Let’s be honest. The women in Sarajevo and even in smaller towns Give her a compliment and you’ll see a happy girl. Sorry my Muslim friends, but this chapter is for the Christian guys.

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