Dating a guy with sleep apnea tips dating canadian women

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What’s more, pain medications, anti-anxiety medications and narcotics can also cause serious side effects and disturb your sleep patterns.Since sleep apnea severely affects the quality of your sleep, it can result in significant daytime drowsiness.If your airways are prone to blockages, they are more likely to collapse when you sleep on your back.Instead, sleep on your side if you are struggling to sleep.Are you searching for ways on how to sleep with sleep apnea without CPAP?One common sleep-related breathing disorder among people is obstructive sleep apnea.If you do suffer from this sleep disorder, you’re likely to feel tired no matter how many hours of sleep you get.

Stay away from alcohol if you are having trouble with this disorder.

Sleep apnea treatments may include a certain kind of ventilation therapy called continuous positive airway pressure.

During the treatment, you will wear a special mask that will apply pressure to your airways to prevent them from collapsing.

Sleep deprivation results in drowsy driving and can result in serious harm.

It might help to ask your family members about your sleep behaviours.

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