Dating a gemini

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You might be a calming influence, or you could be just as wired.

Look into creating a mood to go deeper, and settle for the moment.

Consider that his mission is to cast a wide net, absorbing info from everywhere, and synthesize it into new forms. He's drawn to people that have a healthy interest in life and other people.

He'll want to know who you're connected to, and what they're like. He'll be stimulated by what's mind-expanding -- a film festival, dot connecting, trends in culture.

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A richly varied night is preferred to staying put in one intimate spot.

Since we live in anxious times already, the Gemini man could find it nearly impossible to fully wind down.

If you sense there's potential for intimacy, look for ways to soothe his nerves, with calming foods and culture that uplifts.

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I say short because many Gemini's have the need for speed, and don't like getting bogged down in a convoluted analysis.

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