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"Like with the whole baby thing, she just plans things meticulously.” Amelia responded: “Clever lady.” Sarah said: “She’s savvy, I’d give her that.” The Sun on Sunday had previously revealed in July how Cheryl had unfollowed Sarah on Twitter, sparking rumours of a feud.

I was so out of my comfort zone, so many big personalities.

output is in unicode (unlike the cmd ) And WMIC is not available in XP home edition.

You can also use the build in jscript (every windows has it) and create a hybrid .bat/jscript (save/use the script as .bat) : @if (@X)==(@Y) @end /*JScript comment** @echo off cscript //E: JScript //nologo "%~f0" "%~1" exit /b 0 ***************End of JScript comment**/ WScript.

Power Shell or Windows Batch solutions are preferred. The 35-year-old former Girls Aloud member told The Star: ‘I’m not moving to LA but yes I am still with Chad.Sarah’s statement comes after boyf Chad, famous for appearing on American reality series The Bachelorette, was seemingly spotted on dating app Bumble in August.She also appeared to accuse Chad's fans of being "bitchy a**** f******".As well as being known for her life on stage, Sarah has hit headlines on numerous occasions thanks to her troubled personal life.

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