Date modified not updating

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Date modified not updating

For your reference, here is an unmodified Metal File Chooser UI: Now, I mention all this because it sounds like you modified how the JFile Chooser looks by dragging and dropping things around.

Thanks EDIT: I removed the old answer because it is not correct.

You create a new document library and start uploading content.

Then the users start modifying the documents, however, the Modified by field does not update to reflect the Name of the user that modified the document.

Share Point Online Credentials($User, $password) $Context.

Request Time Out = 5000 * 60 * 10; $web = $context.

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Instead, the Name of the user that created ( or otherwise the first user that modified the document ) is displayed. The Explanation resides in the Modified by Field Definition as it is defined at the list Level.

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