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talked with Nick about why his strategy to charm his way to a half-mil changed and how his alliances with the women in the house ultimately brought him down.TVGuide.com: The second mystery vote to evict Kail [Harbick] really messed up your game and got you evicted.I wanted to make sure that I had people I trusted — and who needed the money — win.I'm not one of [them], but there are certain people in the game who really do and I think they would do great things with the money if they got it.

Nick Starcevic: It's funny, because I really liked the twist and I think Eric was the perfect person to pull it off.

[*]Nick removed his Dani background as that would be just tacky to keep after a breakup [*]Dani's mood is listed as "sick"[/LIST]There are rumors kicking around the web that Dani going to Europe without him was a factor in this reality divorce along with him hanging out with Jen and Zach.

Not every Big Brother Alumni is doing outrageous things like Brendon on skype or Michelle Noonan on Playboy reality shows.

[LIST] [*]Danielle has listed her status on myspace as "divorced" [*]Danielle has not one single picture of Nick on her myspace page, whilst Nick does have a few pictures of her still.

Does this point to her being the dumped and bitter or does it mean she was first to act and he is still hanging on?

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TVGuide.com: Do you think you lost sight of the big picture as your relationship with Daniele grew?