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Cute online dating stories

He was traveling madly, I was busy with various deadlines, and it was a lovely way to connect and test the vibe. When they finally met, it turned out she could not hold a conversation and was crazily nervous the whole time.I still remember the butterflies and light up smile I exuded when I spoke to him. SHE SAID – I met a guy for supper, one of my first dates, and found myself looking for excuses to leave.SHE SAID – I’d just come out of a five-year relationship and rushed into online dating for the company.After a pretty lousy experience on an e-dating website, I had to pull the plug, turn the machine off and regroup.Some of their illuminating, entertaining and unfortunate stories, as well as our own, are below to share with INSPIRELLE readers tempted by e-dating. The two writers met e-dating years ago; sparks did not fly but the creative juices flowed and produced a successful writing collaboration SHE SAID – If I’d listened to some of my friends at the start of my relationship with my husband we wouldn’t be together now. HE SAID – John was very excited about a new find via online dating and informed his best friend, Rosie.Rosie told John all the things that were wrong with his new date. Rosie was sabotaging his new relationship because was in love with John (fortunately, he didn’t find any bunnies boiling on the stove)!

As far as he was concerned, this was the price of doing business.

His email to me ended up in my spam folder and was retrieved just before it was officially trashed.

HE SAID – After some good dates an e-couple, Randy & Jules, came unstuck.

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For our upcoming online dating book, His Advice for Her – Her Advice for Him, we interviewed hundreds of users of online dating over a 10-year period. Gordon and Laura-Jane Wareing have penned a 3-part series for INSPIRELLE that gives you the tips to survive and then thrive within the world of online dating.

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They were at the stage of phoning each other occasionally. It ended with her feeling so awkward that she spilled her coffee onto his lap – and yep, the date ended there!