Cute dating pet names

Posted by / 29-Sep-2019 03:37

Cute dating pet names

In fact, some of these suggestions are just fun to say and aren’t even real words!

It is definitely possible that he won’t let you call him by some of these names when you two are out in public together.

Basically, this one is the pet name of all pet names. The pet name to boost his ego – especially when he’s around all his hunky friends.

The ultimate pet name for gentlemen under the Mason-Dixon line.

If you’re going to go all out for a super sexy manly name, then “sex bomb” is the way to go.

You can call him this in front of your friends, but definitely not in front of your parents. Perhaps he’s just super sexy in a Rocky Balboa sort of way?

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If you’ve ever been to Ireland, you’ll see that the women there use all kinds of pet names.