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Cross reference in word not updating

However when a referenced caption or content is deleted in document, you may not see the error message (Error!

Reference Source Not Found) on your screen until you try to print the document, or if you save it and re-open it. Press Ctrl A keys together to select the whole document, and then press F9 key to unlock the fields. Select the error message, and press the Backspace or Delete key to remove these error references one by one.

In Word a hyperlink consists of (at least) two parts: the display text and the field code.

The display text is what the reader recognizes as a hyperlink, but the field code is what makes the computer actually jump to somewhere else. The Auto Format As You Type dialog includes a check box for Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.

Actually there is a more convenient and quicker method to remove all error references in Word. Kutools for Word’s Remove all error reference utility allows you to remove all error reference with one click.

Kutools for Word: a powerful add-in contains 100 tools, and it can boost 80% work efficiency in your Word daily working!

If you have this box checked, then whenever you type a text string that Word recognizes as an email address, URL, or file path, it will automatically be converted to a hyperlink.

For example, TOC entries and cross-references, even when they are hyperlinks, do not have the distinctive hyperlink formatting.If you have text selected when you press Ctrl K or choose Insert | Hyperlink, it will be placed in the Text to display box.If you use Edit Hyperlink, the existing hyperlink becomes the default Text to display, but of course you can change it.or I have not been able to determine what it recognizes as a file path, though the presence of a colon and slashes might be assumed.On the Standard toolbar in Word 2003 and earlier there is an Insert Hyperlink button (see Figure 2).

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