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We sympathize, but technology keeps improving and we have to keep up, too.Our site runs faster and better on the latest browsers.But for every great date, you might have to endure five awful ones.Which can add up to some really, really awkward stories.I’d just been dumped so when he asked me to go for a drink, I said yes. Then he made me go to Sainsbury’s with him to help him carry his groceries.

Why the hell did I get up and walk instead of, say, going to the nearest A&E department, or just going home and sitting with an ice pack on my by now entirely bruised leg? After hobbling my way to the cinema, I ended up having to pay for both tickets, as my date – despite being much, much posher than me - had apparently drained his entire bank account that week.Sure, I’d never heard him play anything, but his guitar was glued to him and that was good enough for me.That was until we actually went on a date to Gordon’s Wine Bar and in the height of summer, tons of people outside the cosy joint, he burst into perhaps the worst rendition of Arctic Monkeys ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ I’ve ever heard. And he kept forgetting the words and looking to me like ‘C’mon you know the words’. I hadn’t seen the guy in years, but we’d had a few dates back then and stayed friends on Facebook.You might meet someone who collects scary china dolls for fun, for example, or a guy admits to once having put a pig's head in their housemate's bed in the name of revenge (No? ) But while bad dates can be a scary prospect, the best way to get over them is to share them, spesh in the lead up to Valentine’s Day next month.So, in the name of sorority - and hearing some great tales of what never was – here’s the 12 worst dating stories we’ve ever heard (which may or may not include stories as told by -era hair, I was running late to meet someone for a second date.

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