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Costa rica dating  site all

If you can do these two things, you should have your pick of the litter in San Jose. Costa Rican women, also known as Ticas, are quite different than their counterparts throughout Central America.

You’ll find girls here look more European than anywhere else in the region.

These negatives can be negated as long as you don’t come off like a backpacker or a sex tourist.

Learn a little Spanish and bring some nice clothing.

The girls here value having a boyfriend more than anywhere I’ve ever been.

It was common to see women making out with their boyfriends all over college campuses, at restaurants, and bars.

Just know that the Ticas here won’t be impressed with a gringo and most who are will be hookers.

They’ve seen millions of backpackers and sex tourists go through their country throughout the years. If you’re looking for an attractive, loyal girlfriend, then this is the ideal country for you.

Here are a few ideas for meeting Ticas outside the capital: Tamarindo is a beach town filled with backpackers and a few Ticas.

If you want to get laid in Costa Rica, this is a good choice.

El Salvador and Honduras can compete, but there’s no denying the talent levels in San Jose.

If there’s one city in Central America that combines attractive women, a solid population, and safety it’s San Jose, Costa Rica.

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Many consider Costa Rican women to be the best looking in all of Central America (see for yourself).