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He enjoys talking about SWAT tactics and Dive Team operations as he is a member of both.Paul is attracted to females who do Crossfit but also like to party.RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - From blind date to blind-sided, dinner with a pretty woman turned into a day in court for one Richmond man.Richmond Police used some different and creative tactics to pick up him.Covington was on probation for two drug charges and then was arrested again, but didn't go to court.The usual tactics didn't work to find the 24-year-old.

Each participating cop signed a letter of honesty stating that everything included about them would be truthful (to include their firearms scores and how many kids they pay child support for).

He enjoys the challenge and doesn’t mind rejection.

The lucky gal must also love talking about Paul’s interest which are listed above.

Guzman's wife confronted him about his picture showing up in ads for the site and he claimed he had no idea how his picture got there.

In fact, he is taking it so far that he is suing the owners of the website, NSI Holdings Limited.

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