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A give-away is if there is a size label and it is a 22, then it’s a woman’s hat, even though it is tiny.This and similar labels indicates that members of a labor union made the item.That is not to say the hats are necessarily of inferior quality.

The below tips and tricks will certainly put you on the right path to determining the age of a garment.could mean that a recognized designer, such as Oleg Cassini, Hattie Carnegie, or Christian Dior, actually had a hand in the design of the hat.It’s possible that one of his or her staff designed it or, most likely, the hat came from one of several licensees (manufacturers) who paid for the privilege of using the famous designer’s name.The reason this indicates an item as vintage is that a much smaller percentage of clothing is actually made in America these days and if they are the Made In U. A label is typically found behind the tag, not front side as found on vintage clothing.Thirdly, look for a boutique's address on the label with an absence of a zip code.

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There are many labels, such as Eva Mae, Coralie, Valerie Modes, Noreen, and Gene Doris, that are quite common and I don’t think of them as being designer labels.

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