Consolodating credit cards

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You may have signed up for a credit card that offers double points on specific purchases.

For example, if I could blow big money on anything, I would spend money traveling the world.

If you only use your credit card for an occasional purchase here and there, you won’t be able to build up your points balance quickly.

A great way to build up your credit card rewards is to do two things: use one card frequently and put almost all of your purchases on that card.

You can either pay yourself out from your points bank on a regular basis or cash out at the end of the year. I like to accumulate points and cash them in for a big trip.

Jessie Khoury, a 28-year-old from Texas, likes to wait for her credit card points to equal the amount of a Amazon gift card.

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Next, it is a good idea to put almost all of your purchases on one card.

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