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Consolidating democracy in south korea

The BNP-led mass rally on 12 March 2012, which demanded a return to the caretaker system, has unsettled many at home and abroad because of the way the ruling grand alliance handled law and order on the day.In order to dismiss and disrupt the protestors, the Hasina government took drastic measures to isolate Dhaka, restricting travel along key roads and waterways.But Bangladesh is currently experiencing internal power struggles between the two dominant political parties, which threaten to destabilise the country’s democratic system.So while Bangladesh’s achievements should be recognised — including its fight against poverty and rampant corruption in an effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals — the challenges still posed to democracy and good governance should not be underestimated.

Russia faces the seemingly impracticable task of economic liberalization and democratization.But with greater political will from its leaders and elites, Bangladesh could implement home-grown institutional reforms, based on the country’s indigenous governance process, to address local needs and demands.To this end, the democratic system needs to be reassessed in the light of Bangladesh’s historical notion of governance, its political culture and its colonial legacy.This assessment must go beyond the current rhetoric of liberal democracy, and recommend steps toward institutionalising meaningful checks and balances on power.Unfortunately, this balanced approach is largely absent in the contemporary democratic practices of Bangladesh.

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The opposition parties, led by Khaleda Zia’s Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), have opposed this contentious decision, and this has led to street protests demanding restoration of the caretaker system.

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