Christian dating in wichita ks

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Christian dating in wichita ks

It’s amazing that a small trading post at the confluence of rivers could turn into what it is today.

Kansas, and Wichita specifically, has given the United States some of its most famous people, such as Billy the Kid and the Chisholm Trail, and Carrie Nation and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, a group that tried to enact all kinds of social reform–including suffrage.

One of the many things you should see in Wichita is the Art Museum.

Once you get used to the tornado warnings and see a few sunsets over the city, you just might be hooked.

It is the perfect place to meet someone and start a family.

Kansas is one of those great states that is often underestimated by the nation.

It may have once outlawed ice cream on top of cherry pie, but the state also was the first to have the first woman mayor in the United States.

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