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Chris hemsworth dating 2016

Growing up, they were always seeing who was better at something than the others but when it comes to their careers, they try to support each other as much as possible.

As it turns out, both Liam and Chris were up for the role of Thor for the Marvel franchise.

It’s possible he is using something to color his facial hair while filling in the patches. Think dark greys, deep blues, and occasionally, black. The key thing to remember with Chris Hemsworth is that the guy prefers to come off extremely masculine.Yes, he has an amazing physique and his “Thor’s Beard” is legendary, but beyond the obvious, this dude vibes masculine and rugged.If you follow Chris Hemsworth, you already know the guy isn’t a wardrobe showoff. I’ve even gone back to chec kout some of his early television appearances.To keep it real, women dig this guy and men want to be him.

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In fact, he’s just the opposite – down to earth with a basic, manly presence.