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Chelsea and daniel from caged dating

We developed a murine polytrauma model with TBI and fracture to evaluate healing in a controlled system.Fractures were created both contralateral and ipsilateral to the TBI to test whether differential responses of humoral and/or neuronal systems drove altered healing patterns.A data-driven multivariate analysis integrating all outcome measures showed a distinct pathological state of polytrauma and co-variations between fracture, TBI and systemic markers.

To test our hypothesis, we created bone and brain injuries either alone, or on the same (ipsilateral) versus opposite (contralateral) sides from each other and compared bone healing, brain lesion size, and inflammatory state.Fracture callus volume and composition were quantified by blinded reviewers using the Olympus CAST system and Visopharm software to enable an unbiased stereological evaluation of soft and hard tissues within the fracture callus.Fracture alone was compared to the effect of polytrauma.This damage is followed by a rapid activation of the immune system and a compromised blood-brain-barrier that allows transmigration of leukocytes and activation of microglia.The systemic and local immune activation results in cytokine production that has bimodal impacts on neural tissue: first, by promoting neural damage, approximately days 1–7 in the mouse model, and later repair.

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In the fracture gap, periosteal progenitor cells differentiate into chondrocytes and generate a provisional cartilaginous matrix that gives rise to bone indirectly by endochondral ossification (days 5–14).

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