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As one would expect, there are no human figures, except at the very end of the lowest and farthest gallery in the Chauvet cave system, where there appears to be a female figurine - the legs and genitals of a woman - attracting the attention of the one other human figure - the lower body of a man with the upper body of a bison, now referred to as 'The Sorcerer'.

With such a cave as Chauvet, there is the danger of treating it as a separate and sanitised unit.

The rhinos were drawn first (beginning with horns and muzzles, then the front legs and bellies, then the rest of the bodies) then the aurochs at left (working from bottom to top), and finally the horses (progressively from top).

The art experts say that whoever drew the Panel deliberately reserved a space in the centre for the four horses, whose heads and necks are slightly superimposed over the backs of the cattle and arranged in a tight, diagonal orientation.

A single individual was allowed to enter the cave for 20 minutes once a week to monitor climatic conditions.

On the other hand, in 'World Rock Art' [2002] Jean Clottes explains other hazards of interpretation: 'In instances where these traditions survive, we have no way of knowing, when native informants elucidate an image for us, whether the art really means what they say it means.

From their point of view, we are faced with a choice: either say nothing at all about meaning, or make up stories that might seem interesting but would lack any objective, scientific basis.' 'Others feel that it is a pointless exercise to pursue classifications that lead only to dry statistics, or to establish the existence of general structures - relationships among different types of images - that we can perhaps record but not explain. Faced with the twin dangers of pursuing an arid intellectual exercise, on the one hand, and indulging in baseless fabrications, on the other, we must steer a careful course.

In doing so, in spite of the undeniable difficulties we might face, there are ways to approach the study of meaning in a rigorous and scholarly fashion.' World rock art clearly has a multiplicity of meanings.

The art may be the affirmation of a presence, marking natural borders and traditional territory, such as the rock art of Helankou in China.

The art may be a testimony, to a belief or a practice, such as creation myths and initiation ceremonies, such as the Bradshaw paintings or the Coso petroglyphs.

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Hundreds of cave paintings of animals have been recorded, depicting at least 13 different species, including those which have rarely or never been found in other Ice age paintings.

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