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The biggest change to Picasa in recent years is probably the amount of storage... It’s mostly tailored towards producing unique items using your own create flair, but also acts as a storage facility for your pictures and home movies.The site is focused on the UK market, although there are links...This means you’ll never lose your pictures, even...Photo Bucket allows you to upload and edit your own photos.It is very good and easy to use, I just wish there was a way to...

(Read the full review) They lured you to their site with the offer of a free terabyte of photo backup, and then abruptly announce that they will delete all of your photos unless you switch to a paid account (and it is a PAIN...(Read the full review) I have been a member of Ipernity since (almost) day 1; I also had an account with Yahoo's Flickr, Panoramio, 1px, and many others before the whole internet madness for photo-sharing etc took off. (Read the full review) Nothing to say: the functionalities of this site are original and rich, they allow a friendly and in-depth exchange with the community through thematic groups, articles, privileged links etc.Flexibility and speed of use, clear and functional ergonomics. (Read the full review) I use it as a backup for my flickr photos, in case anything happens to them there and importing from flickr is very easy.The first thing to note is that all members can upload high quality photos and video. The app allows you to easily share your photos and videos with your online friends and followers, with a click of a button. has plenty of fun, color and excitement to offer any photo fan.Your videos can last up to 20 minutes (or 2GB each) as a basic member,... Like its name suggests, Shutterfly can make your photos seem pretty exciting.


It’s been around for some time, providing an easy-use system for photo enthusiasts and professionals alike.