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Anderson Thomson, a University of Virginia-based forensic psychiatrist who consults on murder cases across the country, and who says that the motive in situations in which someone kills his family, then himself, "comes down to basic human emotions."Another UVA-based expert, Dewey Cornell, a forensic psychologist and leading authority on homicidal youth violence, joins Thomson in cautioning against drawing any conclusions about motivation without significant insight into medical history, family dynamics, and a search for earlier signs of violent tendencies."Where there is suicide as well as homicide, it is likely that the person has been suffering for quite some time and sees no other course of action," says Cornell, "which of course suggests a profound impairment in judgment that could be brought on by severe depression or some other mental illness."In cases where there is no history of mental illness, Cornell points out that some forms of hallucinogenic drugs can also trigger a psychotic reaction.Investigators have not released the results of any autopsy."All homicides make sense in some way once you know enough about the person and his or her state of mind," says Cornell.

"While Lemley stresses she did not know Noah Romando, she says the outpouring of grief and his connection to so many people suggests "he was not outwardly that type of loner."According to a forensic psychiatrist, Romando's involvement on a Satanic website would not likely be the cause of his murderous actions, even if it did in any way influence his thinking."It just suggests someone searching, looking for a place to belong," says J.

Noah Romando's last publicly visible online activity on Facebook occurred just hours before he apparently ended his own life and killed his family.

At about 8pm on Tuesday– less than four hours before the 911 call was placed– he updated his profile picture to a black and white image of him, dressed in Adidas athletic shorts and a dark short-sleeved shirt, swinging on what appears to be a playground rope.

"If there is anyone I cannot stand, it is people that hate on other people's religions and racists.

Honestly, there is no f**king point."Romando's friends rejected the idea that Noah, a longtime member of the Church of the Incarnation Catholic Church and a former Charlottesville Catholic School student, might have been influenced by the site or its users."I attended Catholic school with him for seven years, went to the same Catholic Church as him, and had the pleasure of serving with him on various church-related councils.

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The warrant indicates that investigators found a handgun by the deceased male, though no handgun was listed on the search inventory.