Chantal sutherland mike smith still dating

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They sometimes have as little as 10 minutes to bond with their horses, each relying on the other for success and survival.Premiering Friday, February 6, at 9 PM ET/PT, Animal Planet presents JOCKEYS, a docu-soap chronicling the lives and careers of seven 112-pound jockeys and their 1,200-pound horses.An uncalibrated dating using the Libby figure could be improved by multiplying by the ratio of these numbers (approximately 1.03), but this is usually unnecessary since the adjustment is included in modern calibration curves.Fein and Schneider have even enlisted the help of their teenage daughters, to add their own take on romance in an over-connected era."These days, it doesn't matter whether a guy calls, texts or emails to ask you out," goes one of their hymeneal homilies, "as long as he asks you right." "Technology is great," continues Schneider.

Legends of the Fallen / Go Big or Go Home Friday March 6 at 9pm ET/PT on Animal Planet Some of the greatest riders of all time come out of retirement for one big race; Chantal faces a tough decision.If you have to explain to someone where it is, than they do not know Saratoga.The Trackside Restaurant, frequented by track goers, trainers, owners and various hangers-ons is on the block for .1 million.The lives of these jockeys and their mounts are on the line in every race.It's an intense existence that makes for exciting television." Cameras take viewers on and off the track from their homes to the jocks room where we see how these athletes physically and emotionally prepare for each race.

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In the stands, revelers wait with baited breath to see which horse-and-rider team takes the leadand if everyone finishes safely.

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