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We dedicate this website to the remembrance Brendan Whiting, who's 2006 book "The Shroud Story" introduced the world to the most powerful evidence that the 1988 Shroud c-14 data (dating the Shroud in the 14th Century) was invalid.

The carbon dated samples were taken from this very same outside edge, which would accurately reflect the period of the added material, but not that of the original main Shroud body.

Then Raymond Rogers, the original chemist from Los Alamos who studied the Shroud back in 1978 with the American team, did a study from 2001 to 2005.

He started this study after listening to Sue Benford, who had called him up. But he had samples left over from the C14 dating as well as samples from 1976 when they had a few threads and some from 1978 when they had other threads.

Her husband, Joe Marrino, had been a Shroud fan since 1977. So for one to two years, she collected copies of photographs of the piece of cloth that the carbon dating was done on. What she noticed in 2001 (that was published in 2008) was that the cotton threads of the piece of cloth that the carbon dating was done on had differences from one side to the other.

She then goes back to the original carbon dating moment in Turin.

International protocol recommends 6 sample sites for carbon dating.

The third part, Biblical Accounts Corroborated by the Shroud, can be read here. Wayne Phillips (posted below) as the basis of my notes.

The Carbon Dating Between 19, there were over 100 studies of the Shroud published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, all of which point to it being authentic.

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In 1988, it gets carbon dated to between 1260 to 1390.

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