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As is often the case with Bradley and his women J-Lo and Coop tried to keep this on the downlow, but apparently weren’t very good at it since they were on the cover of a national magazine together with the headline: “Jen’s Secret Romance.” This is one we can definitely confirm as Saldana and Cooper, co-stars in the upcoming film , spent many dates in public together. It ended after just a few months despite the fact that it was reported they were living together, making the sexiest man in the world a free man once again. Cameron Diaz is in NYC to film a new movie called What Happens in Vegas.

Here’s the thing about breaking up: When somebody ends their relationship and are seen spotted with somebody else, they immediately assume the status of their relationship.Many sources claimed that Shayk didn’t get along well with Cooper’s mother, to whom the actor is very close.There were rumors of them breaking up too, but it seems like the couple is still going strong.Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Melanie Laurent . Ever since their emotional duet at the Academy Awards, rumours of a romance between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been rife.

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An American author, actress, and baker who was once upon a time married to Bradley Cooper, Esposito has worked in several movies such as .

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