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These engines when reaching temp had always “laid over” on the straightaways and just quit pulling.

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RYRE modified the plumbing to consist of equal length lines with a T in the middle running to an expansion tank just under the radiator cap. RYRE pulled the stock gaskets off the test engine and punched 7 missing holes in the head gaskets.

Being that this engine was a spec engine, power output and rpm range of power was well documented.

If using the radiator, your best to drill and put fittings closest to the radiator cap.

If your using an expansion tank, mount the tank at the highest point of the cooling system346-4444 Complete plumbing kit to vent heads to radiator This includes 6' of -4 Black Braided Hose.

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The energy realized is related to the temperature difference - the higher the combustion temperature and the lower the discharge temperature - the higher the efficiency of the engine and the improved fuel economy.

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