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Rybakov said 80 percent of those who get engaged keep the ritual of shirini huri, a party that includes eating sweets, Bukharian music, dress and dancing.Almost all celebrate the Passover seder with Bukharian Jewish songs, food, clothing and ritual.The efforts of these youth parallel activities in the larger community.In May 2004, Aron Aranov, 66, created a three-room Bukharian Jewish museum in the Gymnasia, a tuition-free yeshiva in Queens funded by Leviev, hoping that Abayev, Abramov and their young counterparts would visit.

At 29, he still lives with his parents because in Bukharian Jewish culture, adults leave home only to begin their own family.

This March the community will dedicate a new Jewish Community Center in Forest Hills, to house a synagogue, the Bukharian Jewish Congress, a group led by Israeli philanthropist Lev Leviev, himself a Bukhraian Jew, and other community organizations. “The way we grew up, the tradition’s not as important as it was for my grandmother or my mother,” said Nelya Mushiyeva, 23, who immigrated to the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens 12 years ago.

The challenges of remaining a traditional Bukharian Jew in the U. Mushiyeva attended public school, wears brand-name jeans and speaks like an American.

Mullodzhanova’s husband arrived home from synagogue, and her sisters walked over.

The married women wore shirts with high necklines and long skirts, stylish scarves covering their hair in accordance with Jewish tradition.

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One major factor in religious revitalization is education.