Bsd pkgupdating f

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Bsd pkgupdating f

Today I will show you how I have built so called Enterprise Storage based on Free BSD system along with more then 1 PB (Petabyte) of raw capacity.

I have build various storage related systems based on Free BSD: 2 x 10-Core Intel Xeon Silver 4114 CPU @ 2.20GHz 4 x 32 GB RAM DDR4 (128 GB Total) 2 x Intel SSD DC S3500 240 GB (System) 90 x Toshiba HDD MN07ACA12TE 12 TB (Data) 2 x Broadcom SAS3008 Controller 2 x Intel X710 DA-2 10GE Card 2 x Power Supply Price of the whole system is about 000 – drives included. One thing that you will need is a rack cabinet that is 1200 mm long to fit that monster 🙂 The so called Lights Out management interface is really nice.

I know its 2019 but HTML5 only Remote Control (remote console) without need for any third party plugins like Java/Silverlight/Flash/… On the screenshots the two SSD drives prepared for system.

The BIOS/UEFI interface shows two Enclosures but its two Broadcom SAS3008 controllers.

ZFS will not allow their usage because their size is smaller.

This is why I will use exactly 11175 GB size of each drive which is more or less 1 GB short of its total 11176 GB size.

by mirroring or RAID-Z), and is in addition to an extra copy specified by the copies property (up to a total of 3 copies).

This extra copy is in addition to any redundancy provided at the pool level (e.g.

With 12 disks in each RAID6 (raidz2) group – there will be 7 such groups – we will have 84 used for the ZFS pool with 6 drives left as SPARE disks – that plays well for me.

The disks distribution will look more or less like that.

When set to all, ZFS stores an extra copy of all metadata.

If a single on-disk block is corrupt, at worst a single block of user data (which is recordsize bytes long can be lost.) When set to most, ZFS stores an extra copy of most types of metadata. (...) Final score for writes: 7087 Final score for reads : 733932 blogbench -d . (...) Final score for writes: 6109 Final score for reads : 654099 blogbench -d . This is the output of [email protected][~]# pkg audit -F Fetching bz2: 100% 785 Ki B 804.3k B/s python27-2.7.15 is vulnerable: Python -- NULL pointer dereference vulnerability CVE: CVE-2019-5010 WWW: https://vuxml.

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Some drive are attached via first Broadcom SAS3008 controller, the rest is attached via the second one, and they call them Enclosures instead od of controllers for some reason.

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