Brighton dating in

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A casual person isn’t likely looking for a disco diva.

Your urban-sleek is probably not down with a yoga pants and fro-yo date. Women’s jeans are now designed for any kind of look.

Your dimensions are fairly even with a smaller, defined waist cinching under a larger chest and above curvy hips. This doesn’t mean that you are built for just-any-dress success.

A lot of clothing is designed for fashion models, who are more v-shaped.

Trade bold bangles for more delicate or sparkly jewelry, high heels, and upswept hair for dinner dates.Too often, clothing is not made for your bodacious beauty.The trick to showing off your proportions is to emphasize your waist curves.Fitted and tailored looks are great for hourglasses. Even if you aren’t athletic, people sometimes assume you are.On top, don fabulously fitted jersey tees, wrap tops, and lower necklines. Draw eyes to waistlines with jackets that have defined waistlines or end fitted at the waist—like bomber jackets. This is called the rule-, banana-, athletic-, rectangle-, or straight- body shape.

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