Blackberry desktop manager zes when updating

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These settings incidentally leave password protection on.

Give this a try, if you too have usernames which don't match between machines. Am trying to install build 10074 on a freshly formatted (no dual boot) 256GB SSD in my Dell XPS 12 via USB.

(I also tried entering the one and only account details on I7HASWELL, but that did not work either.

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I have password-protected sharing OFF but I am still asked for account name and password.

I7PC has only one account, I enter the account name and password, but they are not accepted.

) This issue arose after upgrading I7HASWELL from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. All shares worked without issue when both PCs were running Windows 8.1. If you click the Remember my credentials box, it should store these credentials. Just confirm you have followed these guidelines for a start. Sorry, just wanted to make sure you did have the name right! If you have the correct credentials, and it seems like you do, maybe you need to re-check the sharing/permissions of those folders. I am entering the correct username and password, the shares are all set up correctly, password-protected sharing is off, yet I can't get beyond the Enter Network Credentials barrier.

These things can be very frustrating, speaking from experience! Looking at that Security popup it does look like you got the NAS name in there. Ctrl-panel\Credential Manager\Windows Credentials will show these. Personally, I add user Everyone and give them full control. Sharing in the opposite direction between these two PCs works without issue and those shares were set up just the same. Is HUGO the user on COMPTROLLER whose shares you are trying to access?

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