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Blackberry dating app uk

You can set your own user status to anything you like (though there are plenty of helpful presets immediately available).You can share pictures, videos,voice notes, contacts, and locations, to boot.There’s full support for emoticons and organizing users into groups.The favorites section is automatically populated by contacts identified on your device by phone number to be Whats App users.We've picked out the best ways to stay connected with everyone you need to on Black Berry 10.

Users designate certain keywords as Connect or Flow points, and before long small lights start traveling between them based on how often those words are being used on Twitter.

Through the web interface, Bufferers set ideal times to post, or let the system figure out when to publish for maximum pick-up.

The only real downside to Buffer is that because it’s an Android port, the Buffer isn’t included in the system-wide share menu.

Though we’re still waiting on Blaq on BB10, Trapeez does an equally fine job at flipping through your favorite Tumblr blogs, publish quick and simple posts on the go, and follow newly-discovered users.

Share and like functions are both in place, as is the ability to drop quotes, pictures, and links into posts.

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