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Black box republic dating

Or if you can't decide, then write a variety of foreign women and see what happens.Foreign Ladies is the site where men meet women the world over.“You could take these ideas and you could apply them to sports, or to any other community,” he says.Beautiful single women seeking men for love Whether you’re searching through the dating personals, classified personals, email personals, or looking through the women seeking men ads, etc.Third, the site will encourage users to “get out from behind your computer,” allowing them to plan get-togethers and coordinate via Blackbox’s mobile site.Finally, it will incorporate event planning and event promotion.We have a broader reach than classified personals because your personal ad profile is seen worldwide.

But, like most startups, Blackbox decided it needed to change up. Plus, what Lawrence and Donato were doing was potentially much broader than that.And once you’re active in the Blackbox site, the big theme is giving users the freedom to define their own identity, rather than forcing them to choose from labels.So instead of filling out a profile by choosing from a bunch of drop-down menus, you decide what wording best describes your relationship with other members on the site, and you can move sliders around to indicate where you fall on the spectrum of heteroexual/gay, attached/unattached, looking for partners, and more.To ensure that happens, the site will have strong privacy controls, and most of it will be locked off to new members until an existing member vouches for them.Second, there will be an e-commerce component, where people can buy each other gifts; Lawrence promises that gifts will be more valuable and incorporated much more organically than on other social networks.

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Lawrence, who used to be the chief marketing officer at Jive Software (to see him talk about something a bit less sexy, you can watch this video of his presentation on Productivity 2.0 at the DEMO conference), says Blackbox Republic exists at the intersection of three kinds of sites: Social networks like Facebook, dating sites like, and e-commerce sites like

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