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Sprig and Ivy rescue everyone and defeat the Lovebirds.As the Sundews return home, Sprig realizes that he has, in fact, fallen in love with Ivy.Wild • Contagi-Anne • Family Shrub • Lily Pad Thai • Plantar's Last Stand • Toad Tax • Prison Break • Grubhog Day • Hop Pop and Lock • Civil Wart • Hop-Popular • Croak & Punishment • Trip to the Archives • Snow Day • Cracking Mrs.Croaker • A Night at the Inn • Wally and Anne • Family Fishing Trip • Bizarre Bazaar • Cursed!It almost becomes a full-time job to sort through dozens of messages and matches every day — just to find one that proves the person actually read your profile that doesn’t start with “Hey baby.” What women need are dating sites that can give them the fun and satisfying experience they’re looking for — while also giving them the filtering options and safety features they need to avoid creeps, weirdos, and jerks.The good news is this is exactly what the eight dating sites below provide! The site has more than 1.7 million paying members, which means they’re serious about meeting someone special and getting offline to see if there’s real-life chemistry.What we also love about Match is you can block/report inappropriate users and hide your profile from the ones who may be bothering you.

While Anne sees this as a romantic gesture, Hop Pop and Felicia believe that the ritual will be ruined if they do not finish dancing and convince Anne, and a uncaring Polly, that they have to go get them.Sprig and Anne are walking through the forest when the former is suddenly attacked by Ivy Sundew, a young frog girl and childhood acquaintance of Sprig's The two catch up as Anne is introduced to her.After Ivy leaves, Anne immediately accuses Sprig of having a crush on her.While searching for them, they encounter Lovebirds, which in Amphibia are beautiful, but ferocious creatures who swoop up and grab the group.As Sprig and Ivy happily enjoy watching fireflies, they hear their friends and family in danger and chase after the Lovebirds.

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