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If you're dating the person in question, though, that's another story.

It's often very easy to take statements about your significant other personally – even if they may be legitimate.

" Guardie: "Nah, how about a marching band member dating a girl from the color guard?

Your bandmates would understandably be concerned and be right to bring it up.The individuals in this case were exceptionally well balanced, mature, and thoughtful, but this is not always the case.There are other cases where the band was going to break up anyway or they weren't terribly serious in the first place.The album "Forever Turned Around" is released on August 30, 2019.Ehrlich outlined the approach to songwriting as "when we were writing for Whitney, we were doing what we wanted to do, the music was really freeing".

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Maybe you even bring your fight to the practice, derailing vital rehearsal time and making everyone else feel awkward and uncomfortable.

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